Nothing happens until something moves. -Albert Einstein


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There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but health care is still in place and working harder than ever. Physical therapy is deemed medically essential for the community. If you have an issue that just can’t wait, we are open and ready to help you. We can do home or clinic visits with easy online booking. 🔹 We are private pay, and cannot see medicare patients due to their restrictions. 🔹Take care and be safe. #physicaltherapy #pacificgrove #monterey #carmel #seaside #pebblebeach
My son Quin asked to run with me (not many do!) We did a short XC loop, a few hill sprints, and then hit my office for some agility work👊🏻. He’s still smiling, and learned that his mother is terrible at jumping. I learned that he’s pretty darn good! 🔹 With kids.. keep it simply and fun. Focus on the basics and form, and stick to body weight exercises. Growth plates are not closed yet, so I always err on the side of caution . Girls’ close about age 16, boys vary from 14-19. 🔹#mobility #core #gym #runner #sports #youthsports #physicaltherapy #pacificgrove #olympicpt #run
With the Olympic trials marathon less than 24 hours away, I can’t help but feel nostalgic and grateful for all the memories this wonderful running world has given me. As I get farther away from it, I realize what an accomplishment it was to just qualify for the USA Olympic Trials... and then to make the Team. Wow. I still hardly have the words🔹 To all those toeing the line, this race is your ultimate reward for all the miles, sore legs, blisters, early mornings or late evening workout, the hard choices. All the things you gladly did and all the things you reluctantly did because you made a choice to be great. Nothing is easy when you are competing against being the best version of you. But you did it. You made the starting line. So take your well-deserved moment, and be proud. We (your family and friends ) that watched your train know how hard you worked, and think you are superheroes! Though only a few can make the Team, with every determined stride to the finish line know YOU are one of the best in whole freakin’ United States! Now... go crush this thing! . . . #marathon #atlanta #teamusa #running #race #determined #olympics #reebok