Nothing happens until something moves. -Albert Einstein


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Rainbow Passes

Single-leg dynamic stability is important, as is core stability. This exercise challenges both and is great for almost any sport. Add it to your routine as a warm-up or routine. I am using a 10 pound medicine ball, but it’s…

Can you squat?

Our bodies are born mobile, and it’s not until we stop using certain positions that we loose our ability to get in them. Often its sedentary life style, desk jobs, and sitting in cars that slowly robs us of our…

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Kind of excited about the new FMS modification that is designed to test upper and lower body motor control. It's a great way to test each quarter of the body objectively and compare asymmetries that may develop from repetitive sports, workouts, post -op or injuries. Proper motor control and mobility is necessary before adding stability and strength training. #movewellmoveoften #fms #physicaltherapy #olympicpt #fitness #running