Nothing happens until something moves. -Albert Einstein


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Darn rain.. I’m soaked driving in between patient, but at least it gives me a really good excuse to break out my Team USA gear. Feeling nostalgic. #iwasfastonce #olympian
Skaters!!! I haven’t met a runner yet that couldn’t benefit from some hip strengthening and unilateral stability. Since most sports involve running that’s pretty much everyone. I like these barefoot, reaching back and diagonally behind you for 20-30 reps for 2-3 sets. You can work different angles or pretend you are reaching for each point of a star. You’ll feel the burn after a bit. Concentrate on keeping your knee over your toes and not letting your knee or your arch fall in. 🔷 You can make them even more dynamic by adding a jump at the end. These take some concentration but are good for working ankle and knee stability with more force through the leg. 🔷 Give them a try and wake up those smaller gluteal muscles. It will help stabilize your whole lower leg. Enjoy! #physicaltherapy #hip #strong #fit #gym #stability #pacificgrove #gymlife #run #instarun #runner #runchat Disclaimer. : please consult a medical professional before you start anything new or have pain. These videos are not intended as sole medical advice.
This is so hard with pushy kids that want to do it all, but so true. Good parenting is finding the right balance, holding them back when needed for mental or physical breaks, and encouraging them when it’s needed. 🔷 Remember their bodies are growing. My coach always said, “You can’t have a beginning without an end.” Take the breaks in between seasons.. their bodies need a physical and mental break weather they realize it or not. #training #kids #youthsports #healthy #olympicpt