Personal Running Coach

Coaching is not something I take lightly because I truly believe I would
never have reached my Olympic dreams without my Coach Bob Sevene.
Whether you are interested in training smartly to stay fit or have some
lofty race goals, I can help you meet your goals. No goal is too small. I
have a unique perspective of a 20 year professional running career and
am a Physical Therapist. I also understand your challenges with family
and work life. Often, a bit of accountability and fun is all it takes to help
keep you motivated. A fit, healthy and balanced life is really what I hope
to help you achieve. I offer one Elite coaching package that includes the following:

  • -Initial Consultation to include medical history, running history, goals and long-term plans
  • -Weekly training plans
  • -15-20 minute weekly check in via phone or video
  • -Check in via text after workouts
  • -Assistance with strength and mobility for runners
  • -$250.00 Monthly charge/cancel any time

About me

I started running in high school and never stopped. I was an 11x NC
Private School Track State Champion and 2x Cross Country State
Champion. I attended UNC- Chapel Hill and was a track All- American
and 2x ACC Champion in the 1500 and 5,000m. I competed for a almost
20 years after college on the professional Track, Road and Cross

Country Circuit Internationally. I was a 2x USA Marathon Champion, 15k
and 20k Champion , and 1 time XC Champion. I placed 27th at the
Beijing Olympic Marathon, the only American to finish. I competed
internationally on 6 World Championships teams for track and cross
country. My coach Bob Sevene coached Joan Benoit Samuelson to her
Olympic gold medal in the marathon in 1984. I live in Pacific Grove, CA
with my husband and two children.


What are your specialties? I competed from the mile to the marathon,
so basically anything there or in between. I got down to a 4:24 mile,
15:11 5k, 31:45 10k, and 2:29.10 marathon. Yes, it was hard, but so so

Do you coach kids? I am a big believer in the need to be a generalist
and try lots of different sports if you are young. I also think (Covid chaos
aside) that kids need to enjoy the experience of being on a Team and all
the fun that comes with that. I encourage kids to use their Team Coach
almost always. That being said, there are a few instances where I might
be willing to work with high school kids or college kids. Just contact me.

What if I have never run, but I want to start? Whoop whoop. Yes! I get
so excited to get a new convert and think almost everyone is capable of
doing some amount of running. Training may not be just running, though.
You may need to cross train and reduce impact on your body to
adaption. So many options…so little time!
I am aiming for a marathon.

Do you just do plans for a marathon? Sort of. I don’t believe in just giving you an online workout and sending you on your way. Things need to be tweaked depending on your life, unforeseen issues, training goals etc. I generally do a 12-14
week marathon build up assuming you are starting from a fit base. Our
fees are reasonable and can be canceled at any time. So you could pay
for 3-4 months only.

Do I pay if I am injured? Yes. Running can be hard on your body and
even if you are doing every thing right, training hard can result in niggles or injuries. Luckily, being a Physical Therapist, we can hopefully
minimize this or at worse, assist you in your rehab.
When am I billed? Clients will be billed at the beginning of the month,
and you will receive a reminder and invoice

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