What to expect

On Track Physical Therapy and Performance uses a comprehensive, private treatment sessions model tailored to your needs.

First Visit

Initial Evaluations will last 60 minutes in length. Please wear comfortable clothing to allow easy movement. After your evaluation, your treatment plan will be discussed with you and a digital copy of your evaluation will be sent you your doctor. In most cases, there will be time for treatment upon the first visit.

Follow-up care

Follow up visits are ideally 60 minutes 1-2 x per week. Because your session is private and one-on-one, there may only be a need to see you you 1x per week or even every other week. I am available via phone, email, Skype or Facetime if i you have questions or concerns. Progress reports and a re-evaluation will be done approximately 4 weeks after your initial evaluation and sent to your doctor. Once you have met your goals for therapy, you will be discharged with a final report being sent to your doctor.


I do not have set office hours, so I schedule by appointment. I will strive to meet your appointment time needs and understand that life is busy. I am available some nights and weekends, and can make house or your workplace appointments for an additional fee within a 30 minute range. I am also a Mom, so I understand your kids may need to come along. The waiting room has toys and wifi in the event you need to bring them along.




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