Wellness Training

Are you unsure of how to workout safely?
Do you prefer to have guidance from a licensed health care professional due to a progressive disease or other issues? 

Physical therapists are the movement experts and can help you properly grade your program to meet you where you are and progress you safely. The best way to stay injury-free is to stay strong. In addition to in person sessions, we you will be given a home program easily accessed via our app on your phone, tablet or computer.

Aging does not have to mean inactivity. In fact, there is no greater population that can benefit from exercise more. How can exercise help?

  • Strengthen joints and muscles to help protect and decrease pain around arthritic joints
  • Increase muscle strength and endurance to give you more energy during the day
  • Help combat postural changes
  • Make you more reactive to slips and trips decreasing your risk of falls
  • Keep you doing what you love to do