Blake Russell, MPT

I am a passionate advocate for physical wellness in all forms, whether testing the limits of human endurance, restoring proper physical function, or optimizing performance. I am a licensed Physical Therapist, Olympic marathon runner, coach, writer, and speaker with a unique set of experiences for the clinical physical therapy setting. I follow a biopsychosocial model for rehab which means I understand your full recovery means taking a full mind and body approach.

I believe first in moving properly, then adding endurance to a skill before adding weight and speed. I understand correct body movements and patterns and can address dysfunction with corrective exercises that can help improve your quality of movement, correct faulty movement patterns, and alleviate pain. Ensuring your body is functioning properly just lays the ground work for working working on specific sports skills and reaching your therapy or fitness goals.

I am a skilled manual therapist with joint mobilization, soft-tissue work and muscle energy techniques. I pay particular attention to alignment and use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment to evaluate your whole body and treat your entire body.

I enjoy working with a variety of clients ranging from high-caliber athletes returning to top form to geriatric patients focused on rehabilitation, wellness and prevention. I love physical therapy because I enjoy the problem-solving like seeing patients improve. It is also a profession that is constantly evolving which keep things fun and interesting.I have a Master of Physical Therapy degree from Elon University (’01) and double majored at UNC- Chapel Hill in Exercise and Sports Science and Psychology (’97) .

I’ve had quite a long career as a professional runner and currently compete for ASICS America. I competed on the 2008 Olympic Marathon team in the Marathon and have been a 5x National Champion at various distances. For more on my professional running career click  here.


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