Taking care of you

We are certainly in a weird, unexpected time with this new Covid 19 pandemic. Everyone is on edge and anxious with the uncertainty and life disruptions, understandably so.

Just the other day I had a patient call me saying they were feeling very anxious and depressed and thought they needed to talk to somebody on the phone. Since it was late, I directed her to call a suicide prevention number until she could connect with her primary medical doctor, and followed up with her family. Here are some helpful numbers if you or anyone you knows needs help. (CDC link)

With times being what they are, it’s more important than ever to take care of your mental health. Here are a few reminders to help you cope with stress.

• Avoid watching too much news, and instead tune in to something light-hearted and funny.

• Try some deep breathing or meditation daily. There are a lot of great free apps out there.

• Get outside for some exercise daily. Check out the great walking trails at Palo Corona if you are local. (Link)

• Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy.

• Stay connected with friends, family, and faith organizations.

Stay safe and most importantly reach out to your doctors via phone or telehealth if you have any concerns. Physical therapy clinics are open and practicing safe, social distances precautions. When in doubt, call.

Grand Teton National Park walk with dog.

Published by Blake Russell

Olympian, physical therapist, mom

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